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Our Objective is to Provide Quality, Affordable, and Easy to Install, CNG Conversion Kits, Tanks, and Parts, Making it Possible for All to Save on Fuel and Help Save the Environment.
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Winter Sale on all our Kits
Prices reduced $100.  The prices will go back up in the spring.

We now have our own DOT certification on our CNG Tanks.

See our CNG tanks in our Online Store.

We are experiencing a high volume of emails and calls.  Please read our  HOW IS IT INSTALLED and PRICES pages by clicking on the links above and read our INSTRUCTIONS and view our INSTRUCTION VIDEO before contacting us.  If you cannot reach us and you are ready to order, send us an email
with your phone number stating you are ready to order, and we will call you.   E-MAIL:

Why CNG?

OIL FREE - Natural Gas is Produced in the USA
SAVE - Costs up to 80% Less than Gasoline
CLEAN - Fewer Emissions Save the Environment
SAFE - CNG Kits and Tanks Built to ISO or DOT Safety Standards
EASY - Filling Your Car is Nearly as Fast and Easy
CONVENIENT - Bi-Fuel System - Change to Gasoline or CNG with the Flip of a Switch Even While Driving
ANY - Make, Model, Year, Engine, Carburetor or Fuel Injected, Gasoline or Diesel

Driving a NGV (Natural Gas Vehicle) will Provide You with many Advantages.
The Table below Explains the Advantages and Disadvantages


Lowest Cost Fuel - As low as $.88 a GGE (Gasoline Gallon Equivalent)  If your car gets 30 mpg on gasoline you will still get the same 30 mpg on CNG and at a lower cost.  That is like going from 30 mpg to 90 mpg if you are spending 1/3 the cost for CNG.  In many areas the cost of natural gas is regulated, keeping the price low.

Domestic Fuel - Not dependent on foreign oil and their constant price increases.  You will save even more in the future as gasoline continues to rise faster than natural gas.

Environmentally Friendly - Fewer emissions as hydrocarbons are virtually eliminated.

Engine Runs Cleaner and Lasts Longer - No Carbon Deposits Which Create Friction and Engine Wear.

Ignition (Spark) Plugs Stay Cleaner and Last Longer -
  No carbon deposits to clog and dirty the plugs.

Catalytic Converter Lasts Longer -  No carbon deposits to dirty and clog the catalytic converter.

Fewer Oil Changes - Carbon deposits which dirty the engines oil are eliminated.

Engine Runs Quieter - Less engine noise due to the higher octane of natural gas.

Bi-Fuel - Change to either fuel with the push of a button.

Reduced Performance -  With our conversion kits for gasoline engines performance is reduced by approximately 5% to 10% as natural gas has different physical attributes, and your engine was designed to run on gasoline.  Diesel engines running on CNG and diesel will get about 25% more power, which is an advantage.

Storage Space for Storage Tank - The CNG tank will need to be installed in the trunk of most cars, in the truck bed of most trucks, or behind the back seat of an SUV.  Sometimes smaller 11" diameter tanks can be installed underneath some vehicles.

Filling Station Availability - Some areas of the United States have few or no filling Stations.

Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) is one of the lowest cost and environment friendly alternative fuels available.

More than 12 million cars in the world are driving on CNG.

All you need is a CNG Conversion Kit, and a CNG Tank with Valve and a Mounting Bracket for the Tank.
You can use multiple tanks for a longer driving range with any of our conversion kits.

EPA Information
We are in the process of submitting data to the EPA to get our kits EPA compliant for as many vehicles as possible.
Click Here to go to our EPA page for more information and to see which engine groups we already have data for.

When is the best time to buy?
Buy while gasoline prices are low and our prices are the lowest.  When gasoline prices are high our prices may go up and we may run out of stock as demand is very high.
New Price Matching
We will match the price of any USA stocking competitors advertised price on any comparable CNG kits, parts or tanks.

Warning About Other CNG Kits 
If you purchase a conversion kit from other companies, the kit may not be complete and you may need to spend a couple hundred dollars purchasing the parts needed to complete the kit.  We have had to supply parts needed for other kits costing the buyer as much as $250.  Make sure any kit you purchase is complete with nothing else needed.  All our kits are 100% complete except for the CNG tank and mounting bracket.  Make sure your your kit has an aluminum adjustable mixer or you will not have peak performance when running on both fuels.  Make sure the kit for any gasoline engine has an
automatic self adjusting feedback controller using an oxygen sensor to maintain the proper fuel ratio.  If it doesn't, don't buy it.

All kits for 8 or 10 cylinder gasoline engines must have our high output regulators, or dual regulators, or the engine will run lean and excessive power will be lost.  We have tested all regulators and none will provide sufficient fuel for an 8 or 10 cylinder engines except our regulators.

 Where do I get CNG to fill my car?
Click on this Interactive map to view filling stations in your area.   CNG Filling Stations

If there are no filling stations in your area, ask your local Natural Gas Company to install public filling stations in your area.

You cannot fill from the Natural gas at your house unless you have a home filling station.  We do not sell home filling stations.

We have kits for every engine.
We have conversion kits for all gasoline engines and a low cost kit for diesel engines.
We design all of our kits ourselves, and we manufacturer some of the parts.  Some of our parts are imported from other countries.  Some parts are built in the USA.
We have chosen the best parts with the best prices to provide the best kits available at the best price.
All our kits are rated 3,000 psi and come complete with everything you need including the filling nozzle.  CNG storage tanks, tank valves, fittings and mounting brackets are sold separately and are available on our
PRICES page.
You can use any type of CNG tanks including 3,600 psi tanks with our kits.
You can fill with 3,000 or 3,600 psi filling stations with our filling nozzle, but you should only fill to 3,000 psi, however, many of our customers fill to 3,600 psi.

All our conversion kits, tanks, and parts have a 1 year parts warranty.

How our Mixer, Single Point Injection, Air Intake, Conversion Kits for all Gasoline Engines Operate
Our Millennium conversion kit is the best kit available anywhere and has many great features, is easy to install and program, and comes with the software and a USB computer cable.  It is available for all EFI electronic fuel injected or throttle body gasoline engines even turbo or super charged engines.  They even work on MDS fuel saver engines that shut off some cylinders when not needed.  We have kits for carbureted engines.  We have other kits for carbureted engines and diesel engine.  They all work about the same.

This is how they operate:  The system is wired to turn off the fuel injectors when running on CNG.  No other engine wiring or engine devices are changed or adjusted.  This is why all our conversion kits are EPA compliant as they do not tamper with any engine devices.  The engine will start on gasoline and will automatically convert smoothly to CNG as soon as the engine starts.  It will run on CNG until the engine is turned off, or you push the button on the dash to switch to gasoline.  You can switch to either fuel anytime. 
The regulator reduces the high pressure CNG coming from the CNG tank to zero pressure.  The mixer (venturi) is installed in the air intake between the air filter and the throttle body which provides single point fuel injection.  The mixer creates a negative pressure so the natural gas is sucked out of the regulator as the air volume is increased as the throttle is pushed.  An oxygen sensor on the engine's exhaust is monitored by the Millennium controller which controls an electronic valve (stepper motor) installed on the zero pressure natural gas fuel hose going to the mixer to provide the proper fuel ratio at all times.  On all gasoline engines the combustion air has always been precisely controlled with the throttle plate.  A mixer kit uses this precise air control to bring the fuel in with the air, letting the oxygen sensor adjust the fuel ratio.  This provides the best mixing of the gas and air which provides excellent engine performance.  The engine idles and runs the same as it does on gasoline without the intense programming and adjusting needed with sequential injection, fuel rail, conversion kits.  There is more information on sequential kits below.  The mixer does restrict the air flow some when running on gasoline, but not enough to effect the performance or fuel economy.
The instructions are written for the car owner to install with many tips, "how to" information and a complete trouble guide.
All of our kits have a control on the dash which indicates which fuel you are using and how much CNG is in your tank.
All of our kits allow you to run on either gasoline or CNG with the push of a button on the dash.
All of our kits come with regulators designed for your engine size for more power and better performance.
Our Millennium kit will automatically switch to gasoline if you run out of CNG.  You should always refuel before you run out of either fuel.

The Millennium is here!
Our Millennium Conversion Kit is now available for all fuel injected engines.  This is the best conversion kit available anywhere.  Listed below are just a few features.
1.  Automatic conversion to gasoline before you run out of CNG.
2.  Smooth instant automatic conversion to CNG while starting on gasoline.  The conversion RPM and fuel overlap are adjustable using the software to provide the smoothest and safest conversion.  This is the only conversion kit that can do this.
3.  Option to start on CNG if needed.
4.  Adjustable aluminum mixer available in 6 sizes 1.5, 2, 2.5, 3, 3.5, and 4 inch diameters.
5.  Easier fuel injector wiring with connection to the one common injector wire to turn off and on all the fuel injectors.
6.  All computer controlled solid state electronics with no mechanical parts or relays.
7.  No fuel injector emulators to wire and install.
8.  Emergency CNG starting and operation if the engine will not operate on gasoline.
9.  Has Oxygen Sensor diagnostics to warn you of any operating problems.
10.  Comes with software instructions, a USB computer cable, and software which is downloaded from our web site, a $50 value.
Our new software will install on a 64 bit or 32 bit computer.
11.  Comes with an installation and operating instructions with many tips, how to information, and a trouble guide.
12.  Many other features and adjustments available using the software so any engine can be set up to operate properly.

Diesel Conversion Kits
These are easy to install kits for all diesel engines up to 16 liters with or without a turbo.
This is a duel fuel kit so the engine runs on both diesel and CNG at the same time.
These kits will provide the engine with about 25% more power.
The regulator is easily adjusted with the idle screw on the regulator so you get little or no CNG while at an idle.  As you accelerate the engine will suck CNG from the regulator and into the air intake.  The more throttle the more CNG.  You will use less diesel as you will use less throttle.  You will get about 25% more power.  Most engines will use about 60% CNG and 40% diesel, and with no other adjustments needed.  The combined fuel usage is about the same as using only diesel.  The cost savings are not as great as with a gasoline engine because you are still using some diesel.  The cost saving depends on the fuel ratio you get and the difference in the price of the Diesel and CNG.  You will have to do a test drive for at least half a tank to calculate the ratio of the fuels used on your engine.
The instructions are written for the car owner to install with many tips, and "how to" information.
No programming of the controller is needed with this kit.
The CNG is fed into the air intake hose before the turbo.  A mixer is not needed in most installations, but is available if needed or wanted.
The control on the dash lets you know if the CNG is being used and how much CNG is in the tank.
You can turn the CNG off or on with the push of a button on the dash.
If you run out of CNG you will loose the power gained using CNG and continue just running on diesel.

Why did we stop selling Sequential Injection kits?
We do not recommend Sequential injection kits.  We stopped selling these kits for several reasons listed below. 
1.  They are hard to install.
2.  They are very hard to program and adjust.
3.  They are expensive.
4.  They can damage the engine and the catalytic converter as most are adjusted to eliminate check engine lights causing the engine to run rich.  Mixer kits use the oxygen sensor to adjust the fuel ratio so the engine runs with the same fuel ratio and exhaust temperatures eliminating any engine or any other damage.
5.  They were not selling well as almost all customers chose to install our mixer kits.
6.  The engines run the same as our mixer kits.  We have tested both types of kits on the same engine and the performance was the same.

We have been selling kits since 2008 and have sold kits for nearly every engine.
We are the largest seller of low cost CNG conversion kits in the USA.

Shown above is our Millennium Conversion Kit for Electronic Fuel Injected Engines.  See our Online Store to see all our conversion kits, parts, and tanks.

We have many CNG Tanks to choose from in our Online Store.

Dealer and Installer Free Training
We are looking for Dealers and Installers.  We have free training for dealers or installers at our office by appointment with the purchase of 4 or more kits.  This takes 2 to 4 hours.  Anyone can become a dealer or installer. 

Dealer and Installer Discounts
We have volume discounts on our kits, tanks, and parts for dealers.  We do not require contracts or give exclusive territories.  We require you to install at least 2 kits on your own vehicles before installing kits for customers.  Installing a few kits is the best training you can get.  We require you to keep on hand at least 1 full kit for spare parts or to swap parts with, if needed, for fast troubleshooting and parts replacements.  This will prevent you from having unhappy customers.  You get 10% off kits and parts with the purchase of 4 or more kits, and 20% off kits and parts with the purchase 10 or more kits, and your sales accumulate to reach the discounts.  You can get up to 30% off by purchasing 100 kits at a time.  You keep your discount as long as you sell your volume each year.  We have volume discounts on tanks up to 15% off.  Tank discounts will be quoted.

Free Training
We are looking for Dealers and Installers.  We have free training for dealers or installers at our office by appointment with the purchase of 4 or more kits.  This takes 2 to 4 hours.  Anyone can become a dealer or installer. 
Certification Training
Contact the Auto Department at Dixie Applied Technology College in St. George Utah or click on the link below. 
  They provide a 2 day course for $200 each and have been doing this for several years and they do a great job.
It is worth the trip to fly there from other states.  You can take the ASE test after the class.  Ask the college about taking the test.
This course will provide you with all the information needed to study for the test to become a CSA America Inspector.
Do not go to high cost training classes by companies promoting their own products.

CSA America Inspector Information
If you need an inspector to certify your CNG kit installation, or you want to become an inspector, click on the links below.
CSA America Home page   Click Hear
Find a CSA America Inspector near you   Click Hear

State by State News
California News:  California now requires all CNG kits to be CARB certified or they will not pass the smog inspection.
You can install a kit, but if your vehicle needs smogged you will have to remove some or all or the kit during the inspection.
If you live in California complain to your authorities about these laws and get the laws changed!  Click here for more information and to help get these laws changed.

To see what you get and how our kits are installed, click on the link below.
Watch our Installation Video on youtube
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