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Energy and Water Solutions (EWS)

Energy and Water Solutions How To Convert page CNG conversion kits and CNG tanks for cars and trucks

CNG Kits & Tanks

Click on the play button to see our installation video.

Can I Convert my vehicle?

We have conversion kits for all gasoline engines and a low cost kit for diesel engines. We design all of our kits ourselves, and we manufacturer some of the parts. Some of our parts are imported from other countries. Some parts are built in the USA.

Emergency Water Products

GOT WATER? You cannot survive without water! We also have low cost water conditioners for home, auto, pools, spas, and industry.

News and Information

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  •      Home Filling Stations are now available.
         They are built for us to our specifications. They fill at up to 2 GGE per hour. The cost is $4,899.
         We will have more details and pictures available soon. Call to order and for more information.

         New 2014 Utah Tax Credit for Conversions.
         Get a 50% tax credit of up to $2,500 for 2014 conversion only.
  • Click here to view the tax form and rules.
  •      Check with your state to see what tax credits are available.

         We now have CNG Compressors, Cascade Storage Tanks, and Storage Trailers available.
         Click on our new page links at the top of any page for details.

         We have moved to the east side of the same bldg. F7 in Freeport Center.
         We moved into a larger 28,000 sq ft space so we have room for our new installation and repair shop and for more storage space,
         as we are growing and expanding.

         We have partnered with CNG Training LLC.
         We are now providing professional training, parts and service for all CNG and LP conversion kits
        including OEM Factory and EPA certified systems.

         We now offer corporate installations of our conversion kits for fleets and individuals.
         We have contracted with several large fleets in Utah to install our CNG conversion kits and tanks.
         Most are using our Freedom sequential conversion kits.
         Fleet owners - contact us for a bid on converting your fleets to CNG and start saving on fuel costs and help save the environment.

         3,600 psi DOT and NAV-2 Certified CNG Tanks are here and more are on their way.
         We now have several 3,600 psi type 1 CNG tanks in stock and more available this winter.
         We will have 3,600 psi type 2 tanks available next year.

          New Super Output CNG Mixer Regulator
          We now have a super output CNG regulator for 8 and 10 cylinder gasoline engines eliminating dual regulators on almost all engines.
          It is also used on our diesel kit model CNGD8HO eliminating dual regulators.

          New Plastic Mixers
          We now have a new lower cost heavy duty adjustable plastic mixer which is much better than our older aluminum mixer.
          The aluminum mixer is still available for those who prefer it for an additional cost or it can be purchased in our store.

          New Freedom Sequential Injection Kits
          Our new Freedom Sequential conversion kits are now available. Like our mixer kits, they are the best available at the lowest price.
          We only sell our sequential kits to experienced installers who complete our training by CNG Training.
          Click on our Installers page for training information.

          Coming New Installation Videos
          We will have several new installation videos soon.
          Please make sure you watch all our videos that pertain to the products you are interested in before purchasing.

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