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CNG Conversion Kits

Our Objective is to Provide Quality, Affordable, and Easy to Install, CNG Conversion Kits, Tanks, and Parts, Making it Possible for All to Save Money on Fuel Costs and Help Save the Environment.

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If you are not familiar with our CNG conversion kits, continue reading this entire page for more information, watch our video and see our FAQ page, and then see our kits in our EWS Store.

Energy and Water Solutions has been selling conversion kits since 2008 and has sold kits for nearly every engine. We are the largest seller of low cost CNG conversion kits in the USA.  We sell both mixer and sequential injection conversion kits.  We have installers available in several states.  If you need an installer, contact us with your address and we will provide you with the nearest installer.

Mixer Kits
Mixer kits are known as mixer, aspirated, fogger, single point injection, or air intake conversion kits.  We have mixer kits for all engines including fuel injected, carburetor, and diesel.  These kits are the easiest to install and adjust and are the lowest cost.  They can be installed by the vehicle owner or experienced installers.  Below is more information about our kits.

Sequential multiport injection Kits
Our FREEDOM sequential injection kits are for gasoline fuel injected engines only.  They cost more and are harder to install and program than our mixer kits.  You can install this kit yourself if you closely follow the directions. We recommend you have an experience installer install it for you or have and installer program and tune it for you after you install the kit. If you would like to have our FREEDOM kit installed for you, call or email us for the installer nearest you.  Below is more information about our kits.  FREEDOM is not available in LP.

  We feel it is important to warn anyone interested in converting a vehicle to CNG or LP to some serious and hazardous problems with other conversion kits.  Beware of low cost mixer and sequential conversion kits direct from China being sold in the USA which are incomplete, have no tech support, or warranty service. The mixer kits have no electronic feedback for proper fuel delivery.   Sequential injection kits must be installed and tuned properly or they can cause damage to the vehicle.   Never purchase a mixer kit that does not have an electronic controller with feedback from the oxygen sensor as these kits may be unsafe to operate, and may damage your engine or catalytic converter costing you thousands of dollars in repairs, or physical harm to yourself or others.  There are also lower cost conversion kits with feedback control that do not have the features, software,  and USB computer cable so that you can properly tune the conversion kit.  An improperly tuned kit can cause damage to your engine and exhaust system.  With our conversion kits you can easily properly tune your kit for proper operation for safe driving and no harm to your vehicle.  See our videos to see how easy our kits are to tune.

Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) is one of the lowest cost and environment friendly alternative fuels available. More than 12 million cars in the world are driving on CNG. All you need is a CNG Conversion Kit, a CNG Tank with Valve and a Mounting Bracket for the Tank.
You can use multiple tanks for a longer driving range with any of our conversion kits.

Why CNG?
OIL FREE - Natural Gas is Produced in the USA
SAVE - Costs up to 80% Less than Gasoline
CLEAN - Fewer Emissions Save the Environment
SAFE - CNG Kits and Tanks Built to ISO or DOT Safety Standards
EASY - Filling Your Car is Nearly as Fast and Easy
CONVENIENT - Bi-Fuel System - Change to Gasoline or CNG with the Flip of a Switch Even While Driving
ANY - Make, Model, Year, Engine, Carburetor or Fuel Injected, Gasoline or Diesel

Lowest Cost Fuel - About half the cost of gasoline or diesel. If your car gets 30 mpg on gasoline you will still get the same 30 mpg on CNG and at a lower cost. That is like going from 30 mpg to 60 mpg if you are spending 1/2 the cost for CNG. In many areas the cost of natural gas is regulated, keeping the price low.
Domestic Fuel - Not dependent on foreign oil and their constant price increases. You will save even more in the future as gasoline continues to rise faster than natural gas.
Environmentally Friendly - Fewer emissions as hydrocarbons are virtually eliminated.
Engine Runs Cleaner and Lasts Longer - No Carbon Deposits Which Create Friction and Engine Wear.
Ignition (Spark) Plugs Stay Cleaner and Last Longer - No carbon deposits to clog and dirty the plugs.
Catalytic Converter Lasts Longer - No carbon deposits to dirty and clog the catalytic converter.
Fewer Oil Changes - Carbon deposits which dirty the engines oil are eliminated.
Engine Runs Quieter - Less engine noise due to the higher octane of natural gas.
Bi-Fuel - Change to either fuel with the push of a button.

Reduced Performance on low compression engines - At 10 to 1 compression ratio or higher there is little or no loss of power. The higher the compression ratio the more power you get on CNG. Above 11 to 1 compression ratio you get more power. That is why Diesel engines running on CNG and diesel will get about 25% more power, which is an advantage.
Storage Space for Storage Tank - The CNG tank will need to be installed in the trunk of most cars, in the truck bed of most trucks, or behind the back seat of an SUV or van. Sometimes our smaller 11" or 13" diameter tanks can be installed underneath some vehicles.
Filling Station Availability - Some areas of the United States have few or no filling Stations.

When is the best time to buy?
Buy while gasoline prices are low and our prices are the lowest. When gasoline prices are high our prices may go up and we may run out of stock as demand is very high.

New Price Matching
We will match the price of any USA stocking competitors advertised price on any comparable CNG kits, parts or tanks.

We have kits for every engine.
We have conversion kits for all gasoline engines and a low cost kit for diesel engines.
We design all of our kits ourselves, and we manufacturer some of the parts. Some of our parts are imported from other countries. Some parts are built in the USA.
We have chosen the best parts with the best prices to provide the best kits available at the best price.
All our kits are rated for 3,600 psi and come complete with everything you need including the filling nozzle. CNG storage tanks, tank valves, fittings and mounting brackets are sold separately and are available in our EWS Store.
You can use any type of CNG tanks with our kits.
You can install multiple tanks for a longer driving range.
You can fill from 3,000 or 3,600 psi filling stations with our filling nozzle.

All our conversion kits, tanks, and parts have a 1 year parts warranty.

Why we recommend our FREEDOM sequential injection kits are installed by trained installers.
1.   They are harder to install.
2.   They are harder to program and adjust.   It takes many hours or a few days to program and adjust properly.
3.   They can damage the catalytic converter if not adjusted properly and are running rich.
4.   When our FREEDOM kit is installed properly your engine will run exactly as it does on gasoline, you will not have any damage to your engine or exhaust system, and your engine will last longer.   This kit is worth the extra time and money especially on newer vehicles and is the kit we recommend for newer vehicles.

Why we recommend our mixer kits for do it yourself installers on older vehicles.
1.   Our mixer kits are easy to install and adjust.
2.   They come with complete detailed instructions with many how to tips and a trouble guide.
3.   We provide the best tech support if you need help. Just send us an email.
2.   They are low in cost.
3.   They use the oxygen sensor to adjust the fuel ratio so the engine runs with the same fuel ratio and exhaust temperatures eliminating any engine or any other damage to your vehicle.
4.   The engine runs almost as well with mixer kits as it does with a sequential injection kit.
5.   You do not have to wait for the engine to warm before you can run on CNG.  Mixer kits run on CNG immediately.  With sequential injection kits you may have to drive 1 to 2 miles when the engine is cold for the regulator to heat up before you can run on CNG.
6.   They run well in all weather conditions.
7.   They have only one negative feature.  You will probably get a check engine light.  This is because the oxygen sensor response time is a little slower than what the engine's computer expects so it gets a lean or rich code, even when it is adjusted and running perfectly.  We are working on a solution and hope to have it resolved sometime in the future.   Buy an inexpensive scanner for under $40 to check and clear the codes occasionally and drive the vehicle for at least 2 days on gasoline only before any inspections and the codes will not be a problem.  Programming only takes a few minutes with a mixer kit.  You just set the parameters for your engine as explained in the software instructions and adjust the idle with the idle knob on the regulator.  It is that easy.
8.  There are many false statements about mixer kits from sequential kit installers.  The most common false statement is:  "The cylinders do not get the proper fuel to all the cylinders causing the engine to not run properly and burn valves with mixer kits".  The engine sucks the fuel into the cylinder on the down stroke while the intake valve is open so the fuel will always go to every cylinder equally, and the fuel ratio is controlled by the O2 sensor so the fuel ratio is always correct.  We sell both types of kits so our opinion is not biased.

Click on the link to the right to view the interactive map of filling stations in your area. CNG Filling Stations

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