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LP (Propane) Conversion Kits

Our LP (Propane) conversion kits are identical to our CNG conversion kits except the regulator is an LP regulator vaporisor, there is no fill nozzle, and an adapter fitting is included to connect to a propane tank.  Read the CNG Conversion Kits page for more information on our kits.

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We do not currently have LP tanks available. LP tanks are not the same as CNG tanks. LP tanks are available locally from your local LP supplier. You will need to purchase the proper LP tank to complete your installation.

Click on the CNG Conversion kit link to read about the different kits we have available and how they are installed. Make sure you check with your local LP supplier so you know what your LP cost is before ordering. To get LP for less than gasoline you will need to purchase your LP from the larger LP companies and not at the small filling stations.