Energy and Water Solutions FAQ page CNG conversion kits and tanks for cars and trucks

Frequently Asked Questions


  • No, and you are not required to have an EPA certified conversion kit installed on your car if it is over 2 years old. Most conversion kits installed throughout the USA are not EPA certified conversion kits.

    Conversion kits can be EPA approved for vehicles over 2 years old. Our conversion kits do not tamper with any engine devices or controls so they do not violate any anti tampering laws, however, we are in the process of getting our conversion kits EPA approved for many engines. We have tested the emissions on many vehicles using our kits and the engines always have fewer emissions when running on CNG.
  • Our kits do not qualify for the federal tax credit, but may qualify for some state credits. Check with your state for tax credit information. For Federal tax credit only EPA certified conversions qualify, and getting a conversion certified is about $250,000 per engine per model year. EPA certified conversion installations cost $12,000 and up and are only available for a few late model V8 engines.
  • No emission systems are modified, and the engine will have less pollution on CNG.
  • You should not have any trouble passing your inspections. Your emissions will be much lower if tested while running on CNG. Some states may require your conversion kit to have a CSA America inspection. Click on this link for a CSA America Inspector near you. http://peoplesearch.csa-america.org
  • No


  • Yes, you can run on either fuel and change the fuel you are using with the push of a button on the dash.
  • Yes, we are looking for dealers and installers throughout the USA.  We provide installations at our shop for gasoline and diesel engines for fleets and individuals.  We have a training program at our office and we have volume discounts. If you are interested in becoming a dealer or installer, contact us with your business plans after reading our entire CNG Web site.
  • See our HOW IS IT INSTALLED page and read our instructions and view our video.
  • You can install it yourself if you can take the time to read and follow instructions, have basic mechanical skills and tools, and have and can use a DC voltmeter.  We have detailed instructions written for the home installer. We recommend that two people install the entire kit. You will need two people to install the tank.  We install and provide service for all conversion kits including factory and EPA certified kits.  We have installers throughout Utah and in several other states throughout the USA.  If we do not have an installer near you, ask your local mechanic if they will install it for you.
  • It depends on the vehicle and your mechanical skills, but for most people it takes 8 to 12 hours to install our Mixer kits and longer to install our Sequential kits. This does not include the time to install the tank which will take 1 to 4 hours.
  • Your kit and tank will last for many years, and will most likely outlast your car.
  • You can switch to either fuel anytime, except when the engine is idling, with the push of a button.
  • With our sequential kits you will not get a check engine light if it is installed and adjusted properly. If your Mixer kit is properly installed and adjusted you will most likely still get a check engine light. If you wait until your engine is warm before using CNG you most likely will not get a check engine light. The reason you get a check engine light is because the CNG fuel burns so much cleaner that the cars computer thinks the engine may be running rich or lean even though it is not. We recommend purchasing a low cost scanner to read and clear any codes if you get any check engine lights.
  • Our conversion kits are universal and can be installed on any engine the kit is designed and sized for. They can be installed on gasoline, diesel, fuel injected, direct injection, carburetor, turbo charged, and some hybrids.
  • Hybrids: Only use a sequential kit on a hybrid.
  • Fuel Injected: You can use our mixer or sequential kits.
  • Direct injected: We have a new kit available for direct injected engines.
  • Carburetor: Our carburetor kits are designed for carburetor engines and come with an Oxygen sensor and bung and other parts required so the engine runs as a fuel injected engine while running on CNG.
  • Turbo: Yes, all of our kits can be installed on a turbo charged engine. On a turbo charged engine the mixer is installed on the intake of the turbo charger and after the air filter.
  • Diesel: We have conversion kits for diesel engines. A diesel engine requires a dual fuel system with at least 30% diesel fuel to operate safely, so it will be a mixture of the two fuels simultaneously. Most use about 40% diesel and 60% CNG.

CNG Facts

  • CNG is Compressed Natural Gas stored at high pressure of 200 bar or about 3,000 psi. Natural gas is a gas that comes from within the earth and consists of 85% methane, 10% nitrogen and carbon dioxide, and the balance is ethane, propane, and butane. The octane rating of natural gas is 130.
  • You can only use CNG. The natural gas at your home is not compressed.
  • The Amount used depends on the vehicle size and engine. You will get about the same miles per gallon.
  • No, it is better for your engine


  • Yes, we have home filling stations and larger public filling stations.
  • Click on this link to view the interactive map of filling stations in your area. CNG Filling Stations If there are no filling stations in your area, ask your local Natural Gas Company to install public filling stations in your area.
  • You get everything needed including the filling nozzle. The kit does not come with a CNG tank, tank valve, or tank mounting bracket.
  • Yes, you may wish to install more than one tank to increase your driving range, particularly in larger 8 cylinder vehicles.
  • You only need to perform a quick visual inspection of your system each time you fill your car with natural gas.
  • Yes, you can sell your car without removing your conversion kit and you should get a much better price for your vehicle.
  • A CNG cylinder is a very strong and thick storage tank and is just as safe or safer than a thin plastic or metal gasoline tank. Millions of cars have been safely driving on CNG for many years including many federal, state, and local government vehicles.
  • Yes, you can remove it if you want and install it on another vehicle, but you may need a few different parts, which you can purchase from us.
  • See our CNG Conversion page

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